Monday, June 20, 2005

Nudie exposes the power of intelligent branding...

Doris Ho's profile of Tim Pethick, the founder of Australia's Nudie, is a short read that speaks volumes about how a brand can be successfully launched and piloted toward good fortune relatively quickly in our era. Like many entrepreneurs who are unveiling interesting new product and service offerings these days, Pethick earned his management experience in the trenches of major, high-profile companies, including Britannica, Looksmart and Microsoft MSN. His professional education fueled his desire to demonstrate that creating a brand is both important and possible -- and he seized the opportunity to launch a new "inspiration brand" that really connected with consumers down under. As he explains in the piece, "We're really focused on making an individual impact and connection with each customer at every touch point." The litany of brand experiences the venture has manufactured to date, which are fine-tuned to maximize customer involvement and interaction, include event sponsorships, active participation in meal programs at educational institutions and the use of simple artwork and fun ad vehicles to promote Nudie's inspirational spirit combined with engaging copy on the company's products.

At age two, the growing company is buoyed by its strong customer relationships and a refreshing air of bold confidence. And with Pethick recently stepping down as CEO to free himself to focus on growing his company's brand, fans of intelligent branding may soon find ourselves admiring Nudie even more.