Friday, July 08, 2005

Podcasting and you...

As CNET's James Kim conveys in this "Podcasting explained" piece, podcasting is the process of creating MP3-formatted audio files and making them available for others to download. The term and the phenomenon are sweeping the world, so I thought I'd share the best resources I've found on the subject. Another CNET piece from Rick Broida provides an instructional video and a step-by-step tutorial for creating your own podcast. Here's that link: "Create your own podcast."

Note that an iPod is not necessary to create or listen to a podcast, and older computer hardware will probably support you, provided you have a microphone, some audio software, and the personality to create a performance that will engage your listeners. Check out other popular podcasts -- and find lots of other great resources on the subject -- on these sites: Apple iTunes;;;