Friday, July 22, 2005

Weekly enlightment through UW's The Scout Report

Over the past couple of years, I've added scores of fascinating new bookmarks based upon information reported in The Scout Report, a weekly newsletter from the University of Wisconsin's Computer Science Department which reports on web resources of interest to researchers and educators. In pointing you to this invalable free publication, thought I'd pass along a couple of the items from the current edition. Please also note that the report has its own Weblog.

Among the 15 items featured this week, the Knowledge for Development site is maintained by the World Bank to track and analyze the regions of the world based upon their projected future economic viability. Another, Smithsonian's Spotlight on Science helps us keep up with new discoveries and findings revealed through the institution's wide net each week. Be sure to check out the full version of The Scout Report, provided you have 30 minutes or so to immerse yourself in topics ranging from Research and Education, General Interest, Network Tools and In the News....