Friday, August 19, 2005

Mission control for a brand new world...

I'm back from a short vacation and have put bottom-line values squarely in the center of my priorities. With that as a guidepost, and after leaving the piece on 'tryvertising' atop the blog for over a week, I thought I'd progress from a topic on marketing strategies to an issue that is even more imperative for companies to take to heart from the top down: social responsibility. Few people feel that today's world is perfect, and those companies that are finding ways to contribute solutions -- not necessarily for a profit, but instead, because it's the right thing to do -- are enjoying heightened employee retention and motivation, as well as broader acceptance in their marketplaces. Though Rosabeth Moss Kanter's Business 2.0 piece on the subject is now over three years old, it puts the movement into perspective nicely and points up a few of the more important groups that remain pillars of its foundation, including The Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum, The Conference Board and Business for Social Responsibility. Another valuable resource I came across in my research is the Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire Service.

In the UK, Better Energy Systems, Ltd. is a manufacturer of portable, renewable energy products that’s deeply committed to (1) educating consumers on the viability and coolness of environmentally designed products and (2) creating new renewable energy products shaped through innovative design and production efficiencies. The company's debut product -- the Solio -- is now fanning the flames of both of these imperatives, and is a phenomenal example of how social responsibility can elevate the concept of successful business to inspirational new heights.