Monday, September 12, 2005

The right promotional opportunities...

In the past I've written about the values of product placements and celebrity endorsements, advertising on the Sunset Strip and the cool cross-promotional opportunities offered through The L.A. Office's Entertainment Update -- but I'm gaining new respect for the direct relationships that many non-entertainment type products and services enjoy with consumers. Though they may not offer the thrills and chills associated with the dramatic settings of cinema or television, scores of successful consumer packaged goods companies share deep connections with legions of consumers who regularly pluck them from their local retailers' shelves -- and many of these brands proactively seek serious co-op marketing partners. If you're looking for a leg-up in trying to gain invaluable exposure through joint marketing, consider subscribing to PromotionLINK Topline from RSL Communications. Register for free and you'll receive biweekly emails featuring a constant array of promotional opportunities currently being offered by leading consumer brands.

Alternately, you can visit this link to read the latest issue of their newsletter, where you can investigate current tie-ins being packaged in these fields: Cause-Related; Entertainment; In-Store; Internet; Premiums/Incentives; Ride-Alongs; Sampling; and Special Events. You can find archived versions of the newsletter here. Evidently, finding the right path to reaching your target audience doesn't need to be a drama.