Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The real advertising blogs...

So far, this experiment with blogging has been a very positive experience for yours truly. At the same time, it has taught me to appreciate the talents behind some of the best blogs that I've found. I thought I'd point to several of those from the advertising industry here today, in alphabetical order.

AdCritic has been around for many years, and since being relaunched as the online home for Creativity Magazine in 2002, it has become one of the industry's most talked-about sources of breaking news for the 27,000 plus folks who receive its email dispatches three times a week. AdFreak is the blog for Adweek Magazine, where you'll find interesting short pieces filed throughout a given day from the magazine's staffers across the country. They also have a list of links to a lot of great websites and industry blogs that's way more comprehensive than this. Tom Biro and his colleagues publish AdJab as one of the many intriguing blog offerings from Weblogs, Inc. With each visit, I'm astounded by the number of new pieces added in a given day, which combine to offer a quick but far-reaching look across the industry's latest developments. The use of keywords and a search engine to organize contents is something I hope to incorporate eventually. I also love the recurring "Ad Age in 60 Seconds" postings. Finally, be sure to check out Adland to join more than 62,000 registered users in a lively community with lots of inside scoops on industry happenings. For 2 Euros per month, you can also access their database of 27,000 QuickTime commercials. Enjoy!