Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thus spoke Truly Indie...

Continuing the thread from my last posting, the latest news from indieWIRE's Eugene Hernandez informs us that a new day has dawned for independent filmmakers... by virtue of the launch of distribution company Truly Indie and their revolutionary business model, which will allow filmmakers to pay to get their film screened in major cities across the United States. In early June, I wrote about Mark Cuban and his partner Todd Wagner at 2929 Entertainment in a posting entitled Shifting Release Paradigms in the Movie Business. Truly Indie is the offspring of 2929, and here again, these gentlemen are proving themselves to be among the smartest guys in the entertainment industry.

Through Truly Indie and their arrangement with leading U.S. art-house cinema operator Landmark Theaters, filmmakers can book their movie into theaters in anywhere from five to 20 major markets for costs beginning at $40,000. As Cuban relates in the story, "The Truly Indie program allows filmmakers to control their own destiny." Those filmmakers who can afford to foot their own bill for distribution and marketing through Truly Indie may keep as much as 100% of the boxoffice proceeds. The model's not only a breakthrough, I anticipate it will also help to focus the dialogue for independent filmmakers -- and their investors -- on making projects that theatrical audiences will want to see.