Friday, November 11, 2005

Click along with a scientific expedition, right now...

When I invented this blog back in June of this year, I sought to investigate the intersections of marketing, science, technology and entertainment with the objective of unearthing some practical, actionable data that would be readily useful. I postulate that scientific approaches are innate within virtually every posting to-date -- but no topics originating within the field of science have yet to surface. So it's my pleasure to evolve a bit with today's item: a pointer to the website for Project Exploration.

Journey to the project's website to join Dr. Paul Sereno's expedition to a remote region of the Sahara Desert in search of dinosaurs -- and the fossilized remains of our early human ancestors. There, technology allows us to roll up our sleeves and participate in unraveling our planet's most riveting and longest held secrets. You may inquire, where's the marketing connection? Answer: The project paid to promote itself in the September issue of Wired magazine, where it was discovered by yours truly. Elementary MarSciTechtainment, wouldn't you say?