Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'd really like to give you a peace of your mind....

When we're fortunate enough to be able to isolate ourselves from world and local news, the daily challenges of our business affairs and our relationships, many of us often have nothing left... and find ourselves totally tapped out. Apparently, those of us in that ship stand to gain a lot by putting some emphasis on time-, energy- and stress-management. Indeed, any of us failing to be proactive in these areas risks not only poor health, low productivity and heated (but not in a good way) interactions with those we admire -- we may also increase the chances of spending Christmas Eve with Marley's ghost and a bottle or two of the hard stuff. As such, I only hope I'm getting this out in time to make a difference.

This story entitled "How to Get Your Game On All the Time" from author Michael Beck and Darwin magazine, is a great place to begin our journey to the bright side. His discussion builds to pointers on winning approaches to nutrition, stress, physical fitness and attitude. "Stress Takes Its Toll" by In-Sung Yoo gets more into the rewards of balancing mind with body -- a sure-fire key to nirvana. Finally, this recent report from Proudfood Consulting shows what is regularly lost in business through inefficient time management and inadequate training. Managing stress, maximizing my time and achieving good balance are of great importance to me right now, and I hope these references can inspire you as well.