Friday, November 04, 2005

Insight into top marketing guideposts from CMO Magazine...

CMO Magazine reaches 25,000 marketing execs and also recently hosted a conference for such types, entitled CMO Perspectives. On Tuesday, CMO's editor-in-chief Rob O'Regan posted a top ten list of conference take-away lessons, and in a world where marketing endeavors often don't get the time and resources that success demands, I found his insights to be quite valuable. I'll paraphrase his list here, and instead of counting down from ten ala David Letterman, will present first things first.

1. What's most important is what your customers hear.
2. To be successful, a company's attempts at being innovative must involve all facets of the business.
3. Each person in a company and each customer touchpoint are critical components of the company's brand.
4. Effective marketing relies more upon a solid operation than on thinking outside the box.
5. Too much scrutiny can kill great ideas.
6. Technology, by itself, is not a solution, and should not be over-emphasized.
7. Nonetheless, technology should be understood, embraced and managed properly.
8. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) who are most valuable to their CEOs are able to speak the CEO's language, they understand their company's value-adding activities -- and they are shrewd, well-researched and strategic in seeking out opportunities for business development and innovation (in O'Regan's words, they are "disruptive innovators").
9. CMOs must be trustworthy.
10. CMOs must also be the source for their company's brand definition -- and for ensuring it is properly communicated at all times and on all levels.