Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Achieve sacred business wisdom, via S+B's pyramid of pivotal ideas

Ideas form the bases of our thoughts, and since 1995, strategy+business magazine has dedicated itself to isolating and extolling the virtues of the best new ideas to come to light. On the occasion of the magazine's tenth anniversary, s+b's editor-in-chief Art Kleiner reached out to his readership and everyone who has contributed to s+b's contents, to solicit input on the top ten ideas treated in the mag's pages which are the most likely to impact businesses, now and in the future. The concepts listed in his resulting story -- which is entitled "Our Ten Most Enduring Ideas" -- are fleshed-out with rich explanations, and most link to full articles from s+b's free, complete online archive.

In order, here are the things you probably need to know about to successfully navigate your business into the future: (1) Execution; (2) The Learning Organization; (3) Corporate Values; (4) Customer Relationship Management; (5) Disruptive Technology; (6) Leadership Development; (7) Organizational DNA; (8) Strategy-Based Transformation; (9) Complexity Theory; (10) Lean Thinking. Beyond these, there are another 25 ideas listed that were contenders for the top ten list. With its analytic approach to presenting its findings, and the depth of information presented for each key concept, the article provides a great road map for ensuring we comprehend what we need to know in order to successfully drive our businesses to our chosen destinations.