Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A profound point: Great advice from Peter Arnell....

The pop-culture presence of architecture, branding and ad industry icon Peter Arnell has grown this year due to many high-profile developments. Among them, he had a starring role on an episode of Martha Stewart's Apprentice, and he also has written "point of view" pieces for almost every issue of Point, the new monthly magazine Advertising Age began publishing earlier this year. In the past, The New York Times' Stuart Elliott has referred to the chairman and chief creative officer of Arnell Group, his own 'brand ideation and experience marketing company,' as the secret weapon of his company's parent Omnicom Group. I think the same can be said about the sage advice Arnell offers in his November Point column: It's a secret weapon to help individuals of all types to achieve real greatness.

With this issue of Point focusing on marketing returns on investment or ROI -- an acronym representing a phenomenon that's rapidly becoming both a blessing and a curse to many marketers -- Arnell makes the case on the ROI of friendship, based on his experiences with his nemesis, Frank Gehry. Do read the whole piece if you can in Point's November issue, but in the meantime, savor these thoughts, courtesy of Mr. Arnell, shared in honor of Mr. Gehry. "Invest time in people you believe in. Inspire them. Empower them through your own doing to take action and innovate. Learn how to make decisions based on experience, gut and business cases you believe in. Consider friendships your greatest investment and you will achieve your greatest returns."