Friday, February 03, 2006

Gotta love the Super Bowl ad buzz...

Ever since launching my own PR firm in 2000, my year-end holiday celebrations have been tinged with a subliminal, nervous anticipation of the upcoming Super Bowl broadcast. Luckily, I've had clients involved in the development of Super Bowl ads since that time. Each year, as December winds down and the new year launches, rumors and speculation begin swirling like snow flurries, and the eventual arrival of game day is always monumental for me and at least some of my clients.

This description is as spot-on this year as ever, and as always, I have to keep a lid on precisely which clients are doing what until the big game has passed. Obviously, though, not every company that's involved in advertising in the Super Bowl operates under such strict rules of secrecy. Here are links to some of the best advance coverage I've found so far this year on the advertising aspects of Super Bowl XL. Enjoy!
. Teressa Iezzi's "Super Bowl Preview" on
. Paul La Monica's "SB XL ads: A druid, Fabio and the King" story for
. The Reuters "Super Bowl Advertisers Aim for Funny Bone Again" story in the New York times.
.'s "Super Bowl 2006" section.
. Amy Corr's "Out to Launch, Super Bowl Edition" from
.'s "Adland Ties Super Bowl Spots In A Bow" recap of Adland's coverage.
. Adverlicio's "Archive of Super Bowl 2006 Online Advertising" compendium (thanks again to