Friday, February 24, 2006

Ready for a career change? You can do it....

I've heard from several friends and professional colleagues this week to say that they have left long-held positions to embark upon new career journeys. In another case, I met a successful artist in San Francisco who has done so well with his business that he's now doing his homework to attract investors and pursue his aspirations to become a leader in a marketplace where he is currently a relatively small player. Maybe there's something in the air? For my part, I've learned to encourage others who are aggressively taking the reins of their destinies, because I've been so well rewarded each time I've embraced my own career changes over the years.

In my opinion, Business Week remains one of the best sources for information for people who are facing career changes, and each of the following stories provides excellent information and advice well worth checking out. Onward and upward!
. The Upside of Being Downsized
. Quiz: Ready to Start a Business?
. Women Who've Started Over
. Startup Secrets of the Successful
. Act II: A Biz of One's Own