Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Torino takeaways on personal greatness...

I am joining millions of my fellow planet earth citizens in following the developments in the 20th Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy. My inspirations have drawn from the heroics of Americans... but also, no less so from scores of dedicated individuals from other countries who have worked tremendously hard to better themselves and develop their talents to the point where they can compete to be named the world's best at something.

For every Olympic athlete, there must be thousands of individuals from that person's home country who, like me, are profoundly inspired. When the daily broadcasts have darkened and the last results read, reviewed and analyzed, what is left of this Olympic spirit? In me, it burns on as the desire to do all I can do to be a great human being, and to make the largest positive impact possible on the world around me. If you find yourself in the same frame of mind, I encourage you to visit to explore the 2,000 opportunities showcased there for individuals like us, who are seeking ways to make the world a better place (thanks to for the info).