Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pure scientific enlightenment from Wisconsin Public Radio

On a road trip with my family not long ago, I was privileged to catch most of a truly profound radio broadcast. If you're lucky, you can still tune it in using this link: Hope Springs Eternal, To the Best of Our Knowledge, Wisconsin Public Radio.

In this show, the producers set out to build a spirited, rousing rationale for optimism. Progressing from one compelling world viewpoint to the next, through interviews with colorful, interesting men and women, we experience the upside of saying "yes," re-examine American ideals of happiness, put bad news into perspective, and take heart in the spiritual resonance of music. Hearing this show, from beginning to end, was a fantastic experience for me... and my wife also enjoyed it, when she wasn't entertaining the kids in the back of the van. I hope you'll have a chance to listen; even the first couple of minutes could change your life....