Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Brilliant marketing is as easy as Ben, Jerry and American Pie

Lately, I've been scanning a lot of stories and considering sharing them here. The ones I've been flagging generally have to do with marketing tips, trends, and/or breakthrough ideas/activities that, if acted upon, will likely yield spectacular results. Seeing today's piece in MediaPost's Marketing Daily -- which actually comes from Promo Magazine -- I had to jump into action. In short, nothing I've seen lately has created such a powerful example of a MarSciTechtainment Action Item than Promo's piece on Ben & Jerry's new Federal Budget Priorities Campaign, which the two frozen dessert magnates are promoting through a multi-city tour -- where people can sample their new American Pie ice cream flavor, while also being educated on (and getting geared-up for) activism in a grassroots political campaign.

To me, offering a free taste of ice cream to locals in DC, NYC, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, San Fran and Portland, along with a prescription for making an important social change in the U-S-A, is an inspirational use of marketing resources. Leave it to Ben&Jerry to continue to succeed phenomenally in business by ambitiously pursuing their own, heartfelt versions of personal success. Bravo!