Monday, July 31, 2006

User-generated media for fun and profit...

The Internet is changing, people... but of course, you know that. YouTube has reportedly surpassed MySpace in terms of its global traffic, but obviously, these two phenoms are only two of the countless virtual hotspots where masses of us from around the world are spending our time and our energies. You, I and millions of others in this growing audience are increasingly empowered to communicate, and since the numbers of blogs and websites aggregating our collective input are soaring, I must renew my thread from this time last year and reiterate: the most intelligent companies in the world are wisely finding innovative ways to drive and leverage the content we are creating online.

For a richer, more measured and more up-to-date analysis of this intersection of marketing with the realm of Web-based personal content development, I encourage you to read this piece contributed to iMediaConnection by Robert Moskowitz, entitled "Don't Get Burned by User-Generated Media." Therein, you will find an example-laden discussion of the attraction of UGM, some horror stories, tips on keeping tabs on progress and leveraging the phenomenon successfully -- today, and well into the future. The blogosphere and the, er, socialnetmosphere (just invented that) represent endlessly rewarding opportunities for bold marketers who are willing to do their homework and properly see initiatives through... although apparently some other people are having a go at it as well. Fare thee well!