Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Be extraordinary, and other sound advice from Seth Godin...

Last year, the U.S. Postal Service began publishing its own free magazine, called Deliver, with the mission of presenting the best thinking on direct marketing. The July edition has a feature story distilling lessons from our favorite 'marketing guru,' Seth Godin -- author of, among others, Purple Cow, Permission Marketing, Free Prize Inside, and All Marketers Are Liars. The brief Deliver feature written by Scott S. Smith hits some of Seth's major points from these books, which are aimed at helping us rethink our strategy to properly set our priorities for success in today's marketplaces. Here's my summary of the suggestions, with my own benchmark examples.

. Products/services need to be made wholly remarkable and extraordinary -- not just a little better -- to win marketshare (see Google).

. Find a niche market with a quantifiable need, immerse yourself in the culture of that market's customers, and deliver a phenomenal solution (see eBay).

. Based upon assessments of target customers' psychographics, use marketing to convey a consistent product/service story that fulfills customers' desires (see Apple's "I'm a Mac" ad campaign).

. Get everything ("product, pricing, promotion, publicity, packaging, pass-along and permission") right for the all-important first impression (see Apple's launch of iTunes in Europe).

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