Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Prescription for client retention...

I subscribe to several newsletters from IEntry, Inc., as I find that their contributors often represent some very fresh thinking on important topics. I don't recall seeing any previous articles from Dr. Rachna Jain, but I flagged her recent contribution to the InsideOffice newsletter, on the topic of client retention. Dr. Jain's doctoral degree is in the field of psychology, and she is an author, a speaker and a sales and marketing coach. Here are the ten fundamental tips she shared to help us attract and retain long-term clients.

1. Make your existing clients the focus of your marketing.

2. Manage your approach and your interactions to be consistent.

3. See your commitments through to completion.

4. Personally connect with your clients.

5. Be a source of positivity, fun and joy, whenever possible.

6. Commit to your clients for life.

7. Invite your clients' feedback and input.

8. Act as a source of ideas and beneficial resources to your clients.

9. Provide rewards for long-term clients.

10. Improve yourself and your business offering to the betterment of your clients.

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