Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Growing impressive grassroots online....

Today I will vote to make a change in my country... a change that I hope will begin to turn the tide of the selfish, shameful thinking that has earned the governing privilege too many times in recent history... with consequences that have most often been anything but good for the majority of Americans. There was a time, several years back, when a group of rich, powerful politicos sought to hire me for what they admitted was covert Republican dirty work; it was a time of need for myself and my growing family, and I'm very proud to say that I persevered without them, and that now, I can do my part to defeat their self-centered interests. Also, over the past six months, I have twice received calls from The National Republican Party to tell me that, due to my work, they wanted to give me a National Freedom Medal at an upcoming dinner event to be attended by the President. When I told them that I had many Republican friends and respected many of the party's leaders, but was not personally a member of their party, so ended the call. A Medal for a vote might sway a lot of people, and the tactic made me that much more aware of the Republican Party's willingness to connive in matters that should be straightforward.

Like many Democrats I have spoken with, I have been gravely disappointed by my own party's efforts over the past seven years. When the party came up with a formal agenda earlier this year which I felt was solid, it was nearly impossible to find it anywhere. Nonetheless, there is currently a feeling of hope and momentum in the air as we enter the midterm elections... and I proudly point the MarSciTechtainment spotlight on the solid efforts of Democratic Party leaders, who have created the feature-rich online "Election Resource Center." Launched as part of the 50-State Turnout Strategy, this site uses the power of the Internet to empower individuals with actionable information, official/customizable materials, and endless means for taking constructive actions. Bravo!

After the 2004 election, a friend from Los Angeles said to me, "You poor thing -- you're in a red state!" Ah -- the red state / blue state quagmire. I assured her that there's more to any state's story than one color. Here's how an accurate, politically-coded U.S. map should look, in my opinion... because we are all truly in this together, and the only way forward is to take the high road, which has been abandoned for far too long. Join me?