Monday, February 05, 2007

Adweek names the best interactive agency of 2006...

In Adweek's first issue of 2007, the recurring 'Just Asking' feature posed this question: What will have the biggest impact on the business in 2007? My favorite response -- among many great ones -- came from BBDO's David Lubars: "Right now, so many different things are happening in the industry, it would be a folly to guess at one," he answered. While that's bound to prompt knowing chuckles among many who are busy moving major marketing initiatives forward today, I'm also fairly certain that there is a niche within the industry where the practitioners are prepared to not only identify the major catalysts altering the ad industry, they're also working hard to wield them to deliver results. If I'm right, the companies which have successfully established themselves as Interactive Agencies will make the biggest impacts on this industry in the years to come.

In Adweek's Jan. 22 issue, just before naming R/GA as their 2006 Interactive Agency of the Year, the magazine's editors share this thought: "What became clear in the midst of all the changes wrought by the digital media revolution was not the overdone notion that agencies are no longer needed, but that the technical expertise, media strategies and creative skills found in interactive agencies are more important than ever." Amen. The rest of the piece on R/GA underscores the reasons why this company, and this niche of the ad industry, are so vital to the industry's future. Also, check out the full coverage for the Best of Show feature, where other successful interactive agencies earn kudos in realms which are already setting brilliant marketing campaigns apart.
. Best Use of Video - Deep Focus
. Best Use of Viral - Tribal DDB
. Best Use of Web 2.0 - Organic
. Best Online Brand Campaign - JWT
. Best Consumer-Generated Media