Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jazzed over Joost...

If you want to read about something that the rest of the world is going to be buzzing about very soon, I highly recommend the article "Here Comes Trouble" written by Spencer Reiss, which appears in the February issue of Wired. In fact, I highly recommend the entire issue -- I read it cover-to-cover during a recent airplane flight and was riveted, entertained, enlightened and inspired.

Why in my humble opinion does Mr. Reiss's article warrant your immediate attention? In short, the creators of Kazaa and Skype have a new offering which employs P2P networking to deliver "the best things about TV" combined with "the best things from the Internet," in a free service. If your appetite's already whet, be sure to log into www.Joost.com to sign up as a Beta Tester. Perhaps you've already done that, and you've received the 'tokens' allowing you to give your friends instant access? If so, how's about hooking a brother up?