Tuesday, March 27, 2007

BusinessWeek splashes innovative young entrepreneurs, redux...

Last November, BusinessWeek published its Tech Special Report focusing on the standout young entrepreneurs of technology. I read, I admired, I blogged with fervor -- and keen appreciation for the fine magazine and its noteworthy contents. Now, just four months later, BW is back with special coverage under the banner of "Tech's Next Gen: The Best and Brightest," and in an effort to maintain my hipness and cred, I hereby suggest you check it out.

Presented in alphabetical order, here are the brainchildren of the young entrepreneurs (all of whom happen to be guys - ??) voted best and brightest in this prestigious Special Report. Congratulations lads!
. Adroll
. Atlassian
. Azuro
. Clearspring Technologies
. Last.fm
. imeem
. Loopt
. Motricity
. Ooma
. QD Vision
. Tablus
. Twitter