Monday, April 30, 2007

Snack-o-tainment from March Wired...

In the March 2007 issue of Wired Magazine, senior editor Nancy Miller coins the term 'snack-o-tainment' to sum-up the trend of people consuming media in smaller doses. The issue's cover highlights this feature coverage, and several of the sidebar items are themselves endless cornucopias of delight, from both the personal and marketing-research perspectives. With big thanks to Wired and contributor Sean Cooper, I hereby present these brilliant diggs. If you have a few minutes to burn and are equipped with one of these devices, enjoy!

Blackberry/Cell Phone/Treo:
. Text 466453 (GOOGLE) to get a phone number or address
. Text 47867 (HSTOP) to get directions
. Access top Reddit stories via FreeRange's FreeNews mobile RSS app
. Subscribe to Verizon's V Cast service to receive top YouTube vids, news and more

. Download (at $2 a hit) 2-minute training videos from Strength Radio

. Download minicomics from NBC
. Download Bookr home-brew PDF reader to read eBooks

. Astronomy Picture of the Day
. Daily Painters Art Gallery
. Daily Haiku
. Deal of the Day Tracker
. The Franklin Institute Braindrops
. Hack A Day
. Worth1000 Picture of the Day