Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stardust designs for 2007 First Boards Awards... and delivers...

Among the remarkable companies that I am very proud to have on my client list is bicoastal creative production company Stardust Studios. Growing his business exponentially over the past few years and continuously expanding his talent roster, capabilities, client-list and creative output, founder and creative director Jake Banks is a phenomenal artist and entrepreneur. Jake personally led the recent effort to design and produce the promotional materials, print elements, winner's DVD and opening reel for Boards Magazine's 2007 First Boards Awards, which honors and celebrates the next generation of artistans at work in the commercial production industry.

Click to watch the 2007 First Boards Awards Opening and Sponsor Reel created by Stardust Studios

At the April 5 Awards Show in Los Angeles, I caught Boards' editor in chief Rae Ann Fera and asked her for her feedback on Stardust's artistic contributions. "They hit it out of the park," she said, adding, "They always do." Sincere congratulations to the night's winners -- and to Jake and his team at Stardust, for yet another home run.