Thursday, July 26, 2007

Adweek splashes best media plans of the year...

Since 1999, I've had a front-row seat to the creation of some really impressive advertising work spanning all forms of media, and I've come to appreciate the glorious alchemy of media companies who take my clients' great work and place it in front of the right audiences at the most opportune times. On June 18, Adweek published its Media Plan of the Year Special Report, edited by Tony Case, offering a fascinating examination of some of the biggest and most dynamic media companies' most impressive feats. Stories cover: campaigns with spends more than $25 million, $10 million to $25 million, less than $10 million and $1 million or less; and best uses of national television and cable, interactive, nontraditional media, mobile, magazines, newspapers, local television and cable, radio, out-of-home and multicultural strategies. The report -- currently available as a PDF by following the link above -- is a treasury of great ideas, seen all the way through to the results each campaign generated.

While the marketing budgets for most small companies pale compared with those driving these winning plans, still, the contribution from Richard Brunelli covering Best Use of Nontraditional Media is just one of the report's case studies which I feel can inspire breakthrough ideas to fit virtually any budget. In a nutshell, when Seattle-area McDonald's restaurants switched to 24/7 operations, they employed OMD Seattle to attract the business of the region's male Gen Y night-owls. The tactics included distributing over a quarter-million coasters featuring a responsible-drinking message to nearly 100 of the city's hippest pubs. On sidewalks outside selected establishments, enlarged French fries on sidewalks offered revelers the chance to "walk the fry;" those failing the sobriety tests could hop into customized Fry Cabs for safe rides home. In another campaign facet, riders in Seattle cabs were targeted with "lost" wallets, featuring the driver's license of a famous red-haired clown, a list of the area's all-hour Mickey D locations, and coupons for food and discounted admission to a hip McDonald's Summer Jam concert. Delivering a solid increase in after-hours traffic, the campaign also produced a groundswell of public appreciation, and may have even played a part in reducing the city's DUI arrests, which were reportedly down 4% during the campaign month of July, compared with the previous year. Be sure to check out the full report for more ideas that may make you say, "I'm lovin' it!"