Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Innovation wanted....

While Wikipedia lists ten classic definitions of the term "innovation," we all know that it's about change. The variable nature of virtually all aspects of business is something that all entrepreneurs quickly become painfully aware of; how different would commerce be if everything always remained the same? Today's mobile, media-driven society regularly turns meteoric stars into has-beens overnight. Oddly, accepting this tenet and embracing the dynamics of constant change renders a world where optimism can actually take root and thrive.

A special report from BusinessWeek's July 25 issue proclaims that young Europeans are increasingly launching their own businesses. In the words of BusinessWeek's Andy Reinhardt, "entrepreneurism is alive in the Old World." If you check-out the coverage, you'll take in fascinating developments being hatched by inspirational youngsters in Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Britain, Russia, the Netherlands, Sweden and elsewhere. In the U.S., over the past 39 years, one of the most coveted advertising/marketing industry awards programs, the Effie Awards, have been honoring "great ideas that achieve real results, and the strategy that goes into creating them." Grand Effie winners from the recent past include the creators of Apple's "Get a Mac" campaign, Dove's "The Campaign for Real Beauty, and Apple's iPod "Silhouettes" campaign. According to a study the organization recently conducted and their July 17 report, over half of the top industry professionals surveyed said that next year's most effective idea would either come from "an innovative and visionary business," or "a consumer or someone else you've never heard of." The doors to success are standing wide open, everyone, so long as we can deal with change in ways that keep us in the game. Onward and upward!