Monday, July 09, 2007

The secrets of publishing a great art book....

I've been keeping an eye on powerHouse Books -- the Brooklyn-based avant-garde publisher of photography, art, and pop culture titles -- for some time now. Launched by Daniel Power about 12 years ago, pH publishes the works of visionary artists and cultural icons while forming their own base of cultural gravity through exuberant initiatives including powerHousemagazine, exhibitions and events at the powerHouse Arena, and regular email updates that place Brooklyn and pH in the center of a very cool universe.

Today I received a heads-up announcing their powerHouse Summer Workshop Series, offering four Saturday workshops specially designed to guide and instruct artists, photographers, designers, writers and packagers on the secrets of creating compelling art book projects. Here's a quick summary of what's on:
. MARKETING YOUR WORK: Publicity, Promotions, & Sponsorship Opportunities. Instructor: Sara Rosen, Publicity Director of powerHouse Books and Publisher of Miss Rosen Editions. Date/time: 7/28/07, 10AM-2PM.
. MAKING THE BOOK PART 1: Image Analysis & Sequence Editing. Instructor: Daniel Power, Publisher of powerHouse Books. Date/time: 8/4/07, 10AM–5PM.
. MAKING THE BOOK PART 2: Book Design & Dummy Preparation/ Presentation. Instructor: Kiki Bauer, Senior Designer of powerHouse Books. Date/time: 8/18/07, 12PM-5PM.
. MAKING THE BOOK PART 3: The Edit and Sequence. Instructor: Craig Cohen, Associate Publisher of powerHouse Books. Date/time: 8/25/07, 10AM-5PM.
All workshops will be held at the powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn. More information is available online at