Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Eight millimeter film still super in 2007...

In early 1999, I went to work with Tim Street, a friend I'd met years earlier while working in Orlando's film and television industry. By that time, Tim had established his own creative production company in Santa Monica called The Spark Factory. Tim and I shared a love for the Super 8 film format, and in getting me up-to-speed on his business developments, Tim introduced me to a guy named Norwood Cheek. I watched Norwood's reel -- which included a great music video for The Squirrel Nut Zippers shot on Super 8 -- and had the chance to meet him. At that time, Norwood was already a well-established expert on the subject of Super 8 filmmaking, having started the Flicker Film Festival in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a few years before, and established it in Los Angeles in 1997. Tim presented a PROMAX & BDA session on Super 8 Filmmaking in New York in 1999, and Norwood's contact info was passed along to all attendees as a leading resource.

Even in 2007, Super 8 remains a very interesting storytelling and filmmaking tool. As you can see if you follow this link to check out DailyMotion clips made using Super 8, an ultra unique look and vintage feel shines through in this content. As evidenced in an April 2007 feature story in Kodak's In Camera magazine, Norwood is now one of the world's foremost experts on the subject of Super 8. With the tips you can glean from countless websites -- including Norwood's Flicker pages and Kodak's guide to Super 8 film stocks and techniques -- the exciting world of Super 8 filmmaking remains wide open to everyone. Have fun!