Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Artistic talents flourishing in the fields of commerce...

I deal with a lot of artists who are gainfully employed using their talents to create the elements of artful marketing communications. As an artist who has had to learn to be successful in business, I have deep appreciation for others who can create extraordinary art under constraints that are often suffocating... turning challenges into spot-on creative solutions. Today, I spent an hour flipping through L├╝rzer's International Archive Volume 3-2007, and was blown away by hundreds of awe-inspiring images, each conveying a story in painstaking detail... each a testament to many facets of talent, including those of successful conception, execution and promotion. The one ad that pulled me from the heavy print issue to my computer was for "johnhuet.com a magazine" -- a brilliant portfolio site for photographer John Huet imagineered into an online magazine, where art directors and writers are invited to shape-up future issues using the artist-in-residence's images. Bravo!

Well over a year ago, my friends at Creativity Magazine Teressa Iezzi, Ann-Christine Diaz, Terry Kattleman and Richard Ho published an amazing Special Report on Fresh Talent. Since appearing in my office in April '06, I have been unable to file this issue away, returning to it time and again to admire the talents showcased. Over the past 18 months, these international artists have achieved even greater renown. I present this quick list of the creators featured in that issue for your creative and entrepreneurial inspiration.
. I Love Dust, Design Collective
. Parra, Illustrator/Designer
. Mark The Cobrasnake, Photographer
. Ryu Itadani, Illustrator
. Steve McNiven, Illustrator
. Vincent Laforet, Photographer
. Clayton James Cubitt, Photographer
. Tim Nolan, Online Creative Director, The Night Agency
. Kristian Olson, Illustrator
. Mark Marston, Illustrator
. Daniel Koch, Illustrator/Designer