Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What's up with you?

The UK-published Digit Magazine was relaunched in June as Digital Arts, and each issue so far has been a treasure trove of spot-on ideas and must-read features. Self-billed as the world's biggest creative design & technology magazine, the monthly book promises inspiration for digital creatives -- and fully delivers. Most likely, there's an obvious attraction to this type of content for you; if this introduction intrigues you at all, I encourage you to visit the site and consider subscribing.

Specifically, I wanted to point you to a great story in that June issue entitled "Sell Yourself: Expert tips and techniques to get your work noticed," written by Sean Ashcroft and illustrated by I Love Dust. If you are in a mode where you're starting up, branching off or otherwise trying to establish or refine the way you are perceived by those you wish to do business with, reading this story will help you focus on the imperatives and roll into action in style. Of course, there are many expertly edited, vastly instructive print publications in this field I greatly admire, including 3DWorld, Animation World, Communication Arts, ComputerArts, Computer Graphics World, Graphic Design: USA, HOW, and StudioDaily, where you can advance your skills and knowledge to turbo-charge your success. Check 'em out, and feel free to touch-base soon; I look forward to seeing and hearing how your brand is shaping up!