Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Exploring Access, a force for change....

FedEx Corporation recently commissioned a study to help others understand the dynamic role being played by "Access" -- which it defines as the force that lets people exchange, interact and participate; "a small word that explains a lot of big changes in the world today." Some of the results of this study are presented in Access Review, a new magazine that hit my desk in September. Fedex's press release announcing the new publication says their goals include showing the many ways Access is impacting lives and businesses around the globe. To explore this interesting venture and its premise, I encourage you to visit the site linked above and request your own free subscription.

One of the more accessible and thought-provoking features to look for is "34 things you can do today (that you couldn't do 34 years ago)." It provides a fascinating history lesson on the in-roads of this phenomenon of Access. I am also intrigued by a two-page feature under the headline of "Best Practices for the Access Century." Here's a summary of their list of the most critical innovations expanding Access around the world, with links to selected external articles for additional info where I could track them down. Onward and upward!
. 3D Printing
. The Aerotropolis
. Anonymizer Tools
. Citywide WiFi (or Mu-Fi)
. Creative copyrights
. The Keiretsu 2.0
. Offshored Consumption
. RFID Tagging
. Social Lending
. Solar Power
. Very Light Jets
. The Maestros -- people and companies figuring out how to connect goods and markets in new ways.