Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Industry awards shows call for entries... can you take the call?

Calls for entries into the advertising industry's major awards make this an especially busy time of year. If you haven't added any awards submission deadlines to your agenda but feel you've got the right stuff to win, I recommend visiting Luerzer's Archive's Future Events listing and TAXI Design Network's Design Competitions listing to set your sites.

For further preparation, I also encourage you to read a great story written by Ed Ewing for Digital Arts Magazine entitled "How to Win Awards." Jump on over to get more insights on these guiding tips Ed offers in his story:
. research past winners!
. submit work that is excellent and original!
. submit your work in the proper category!
. follow the submission specifications and competition rules!
. in completing the forms, describe your work effectively!
. present your work cleanly and clearly, in proper working order (and with proper audio levels)!
. if your work is a finalist, you'll be invited to the awards ceremony; be prepared!