Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A proposal for winning business....

Just about anyone who operates a small business or a consultancy must be adept at authoring proposals. By definition, successful established firms and larger businesses have mastered proposal writing as a means of cementing new business relationships. The alchemy combines excellent writing with business acumen in the course of presenting very specific promises and agendas, and usually requires careful treatment of sensitive financial and legal matters. As such, for those just starting out on their own, proposal writing can be a very intimidating requirement of business development. If you're a graphic design professional, or if you feel that entrepreneurial business development practices in the design field may apply to your business, consider signing up for this week's "Proposals 101" webinar from HOW Magazine, the graphic design community's trusted source for creative inspiration, business advice and tools of the trade.

Presenters Ilise Benun and Peleg Top, the co-founders of Marketing Mentor, promise to share the secrets of quickly and easily crafting winning proposals and project budgets. The $69 fee gets you copies of presentation materials, easy-to-follow business-building exercises -- and online access to the webinar for the next year after the live event. It's happening this Thursday -- so if you're interested, register soon!