Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shouts from CES 2008...

Each year at this time, my business mindset quickly transforms from a quiet nostalgiac melancholy into a flat-out mental sprint preparing client initiatives targeting events like The Sundance Film Festival and the Super Bowl. This time around, though, thanks to the Facebook musings of my brilliant former boss Mike Terpin, I became aware that the annual Consumer Electronics Show was about to kick-off in Las Vegas well before the show's massive media coverage began flooding my inbox. Earlier today, Mike updated his Facebook message to say he'd completed his official duties and was ready to check out 35 football fields-worth of CES exhibits before they wrap up today. I only wish I was there with you, Mike! Instead, while I forge ahead on my own client agenda, it's my pleasure to point up some of the top 2008 CES coverage I've seen.

. For those interested in CES who could not attend -- or don't want to read (:^)) -- I've embedded a great visual overview by Jeremy Gutsche, the publisher of Trend Hunter Magazine, from his recent interview on Toronto-based CityTV's Breakfast Television. For readers, this link leads to the story on Jeremy's CityTV moment on, where you can find many interesting reports on CES introductions.
. Venerable journalist and editor Peter Caranicas profiles the entire conference for the executive television industry readers of World Screen News with this report entitled "Report from Las Vegas; CES Kicks Off the Year in Content."
. Visit this page and enter "CES" (with quotation marks) into the search engine to see the top advertising and marketing-related stories from this year's CES via MediaPost's powerful search engine.
. Billboard's Antony Bruno and Hillary Crosley filed several CES stories of special interest to the music industry. If all works properly, you can find them here.
. And finally, based upon the emails I've received, Digital Arts Magazine evidently had an army of reporters on hand in Las Vegas for this year's CES, all bringing us detailed news on their favorite discoveries. Visit the site and search for "CES" to read scores of in-depth stories of interest to artists, production professionals and techies.