Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The brands and messages behind this year's historic Super Buzz...

Yesterday Fox reported that more than 107 million people tuned in to watch its broadcast of Super Bowl XLII on Sunday, making it the most-watched Super Bowl in history -- and positioning the NFL's Super Bowl hands-down as the world's most-watched television programming of modern times. Voluminous media coverage before and after the game informs us of the exorbitant prices that brands pay to tie-in their marketing -- and of their successes and failures. Today I wanted to share two different lenses into the companies who boldly ventured into this year's Super Buzz.

First, I encourage you to visit a story written by Dorian Benkoil for the Jack Myers Media Business Report, which reports on "Super Bowl Websites: Winners and Losers." Since most of this year's much-hyped ads were designed to drive web traffic, Dorian's analysis provides an interesting quick-read on the bottom-line results of this year's Super Bowl marketers, while also providing the links (where available) to go see what the shouting was all about. And next, in the event that you somehow have missed the ads themselves, Advertising Age's Super Bowl XLII coverage has them all available on-demand, along with the news-worthy highlights from the events surrounding the day that the New York Giants defied expectations and upset the all-but-perfect New England Patriots.