Friday, February 15, 2008

Life's bigger lessons....

I thoroughly enjoy the thoughtful lifestyle publication Bottom Line Personal. To me, it's like a more hip version of the venerable Reader's Digest. I began subscribing to BLP last year, after receiving the hefty sales literature in the mail, going through it, and ultimately deciding to subscribe. I recall there were many quotes from subscribers in the sales info provided... one in particular had a big impact in attracting me. Sent in by a woman from a midwestern town, she confessed that her friends are always commenting on how interesting she is, and of course she had Bottom Line Personal to thank for that. That clear visualisation really made me laugh, and to me, in the grand scheme of things, that's pretty important. A BLP cover story from a recent issue just came to my attention, and I thought it worth sharing here. For January, the magazine's talented editors compiled a cover story entitled "The Best Thing I Did in 2007 That YOU Can Do in 2008." Pretty engaging, eh? Here's what several noteworthy individuals recommend to us based on their own 2007 experiences.

. "Have a family reunion." Stephen R. Covey, author, organizational consultant and vice-chairman of Franklin Covey Co., District of Columbia.

. "Catch people doing something right." John Stossel, investigative reporter, ABC's 20/20, New York.

. "Get a dog." Joan Boresenko, Ph.D., author and medical scientist, psychologist and president of Mind/Body Health Sciences, LLC, Colorado.

. "Take a volunteer vacation." Peter Greenberg, author and travel editor, NBC's Today show, California.

. "Cultivate relationships with people outside your own circle." Richard Nelson Bolles, author and career development expert, California.

. "Spend time with young children." Hugh Downs, author and newscaster, Arizona.

. "Stop trying to do it all." Rabbi Harold Kushner, author and Rabbi Laureate of Temple Israel, Massachusetts.

. "Ask yourself, What would Lassie do?" Bernie Siegel, MD, author and founder of Exceptional Cancer Patients, Connecticut.