Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tips from the pros to reassess your website...

iMedia Connection recently published an article from Lisa Wehr, the founder and CEO of search engine optimization and marketing company Oneupweb, entitled "15 Ways to Get Your Website in Gear." Through her expertise, Lisa provides an excellent framework for analysis and assessment of your current website, while also offering a lot of valuable insights into the imperatives modern sites objectively need to fulfill. While I recommend reading the full story, as a head start, I'm providing guideposts below for the main areas you should be considering to ensure your website continues to deliver maximum results.

Q. Does your site's look and feel reflect the personality of your company?

Q. At first glance, does the site visually convey your company's look and feel?

Q. Can visitors easily find information on your products and services?

Q. Can an average computer user easily move through your site?

Interface/customer friendliness
Q. Is all relevant information presented in a customer-friendly way, and can customers easily contact you?

Q. Does your use of technology help or hinder communication?

Q. Do customers feel safe on your site -- and are they?

Ease of purchase
Q. Can your improve your checkout procedure -- and/or optimize it to aid sales?

PR/community relations
Q. Is it clear to members of the media and investment communities who they should contact for inquiries, and is it easy for them to do so?

Online corporate perception
Q. Are you doing enough to monitor and protect your online reputation, and to maximize user-generated media opportunities?

Q. Based upon web traffic statistical analyses, can you improve sales conversions or other targeted visitor interactions on my site?

Search engine positioning
Q. Where is your site ranked on various search engines, and what can you do to improve rankings?

Overall best practices analysis
Q. Are there other design considerations (for example, use of Flash animations) or content offerings (podcasts, blogs) you can offer to make your website more valuable or interesting to your customers?