Wednesday, April 02, 2008

When life gives you taxes, take some spring-aid...

This blog generally sets out to provide you with actionable information pertaining to entertainment, technology, science and/or marketing -- but subscribers and repeat visitors are also likely to encounter tips related to starting or running a business. Spring is a very busy time, and it also represents the season where warming weather and reawakening nature can make it extra hard to be productive at work. Amid all this, business-owners and individuals all have no good choice but to heed the call of the government and file annual tax returns (or at least request an extension) by April 15. My own advice for you is based upon something I learned a long time ago: A good CPA will normally earn back more money for you than you will pay him or her to prepare your tax return. That's part one of this week's actionable info; for more, check-out the links below for three great features from BusinessWeek which will help you get your tax-return ball rolling in the right direction, pronto... so you can then enjoy all the wonders of spring.

. Tax Tips for Procrastinators by Karen E. Klein

. SmallBiz Slide Show: Tax-Trimming Tricks for Small Businesses by Virginia Munger Kahn

. Playbook: Tips for Winning Your Tax Audit