Thursday, May 08, 2008

PowerPoint love à la Japanese chatter...

You may be familiar with the expression which says that nothing worth doing is easy. That nicely sums up my experiences over the past several months which have finally led to the publication of this blog entry on the subject of the new-ish social phenomenon uniting people in major cities around the world to share... their... slideshows. Yes, it sounds like a concept whose ship sailed long ago, but two very bright architects in Tokyo named Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein have brought it into vogue, by holding festive shows-and-tells where individual presentations are strictly limited to 20 slides, with 20 seconds to talk about each one (meaning you're up and back down in less than seven minutes flat). Named for a term which reportedly translates in Japanese to mean 'chatter,' you may be surprised to learn that pecha-kucha night offers cosmopolitan convergence in one cool hotspot or another virtually every night of the week. To find out where, check-out the calendar at

I was turned on to this subject after reading about it courtesy of Daniel Pink in last September's Wired Magazine. For his piece, Daniel crafted his own very interesting entry, and inspired me to do the same. Truth be told, it has taken me this long to put mine together, and even now, I see that tweaking remains in order. Anyway, I have wanted to share this development here for some time, and even in its current state, this particular Powerpoint of mine winds up being pretty meaningful to me. As such -- at least from my perspective -- it delivers on one of the widely reported benefits of this new version of open-mic night: word is, the time constraints are likely to turn even the beastliest presentations into beauties. I hope you fancy it as well.