Thursday, August 28, 2008

Setting the stage for your phenonemal event...

Fast Company Magazine's Elizabeth Svoboda put together a really fascinating story on San Francisco-based multimedia design lab Obscura Digital in the July/August 2008 issue, and you can check it out in all its vibrant glory by following this link: Obscura Digital's High Def Projections. Another really interesting, video-laden piece on this unique company from July, written by Kara Tsuboi, appears on CNET's newly redesigned site here: Video: The swirling, surreal world of Obscura Digital. As Kara writes in her piece, "To talk or write about Obscura Digital's projects just doesn't do them justice. Their work is meant to be experienced first hand, hence the catchy phrase CEO Patrick Connolly kept throwing around to describe the 7-year-old company's work: immersion and interactive technologies." Before you get too stoked about hiring them for your next show-stopping event, though, bear in mind these words from the Fast Company article: "They're so slammed they're lucky to carve out a couple of weeks for any given job." While Ms. Svoboda also points out that Obscura Digital has no direct competitors, since they reportedly may be too busy to be of assistance, below I am proud to present a list of companies and professionals whom, from my own personal experiences, I am sure will be happy to hear from you to discuss bringing your sensational event to life in spectacular fashion.

. The Barbarian Group
. Brand Experience Lab
. Flavor Group
. Helge Meyer/Marco Teubner/HM2T
. malbon Brothers Farms
. Monster Media
. Musion Systems Limited
. Jack Morton Worldwide
. Saam Gabbay
. Technique Mirage
. V Squared Labs