Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Business planning at the street level, a unique recipe for success....

I recently discovered PreQuel, an impressive, independent, quarterly publication based out of Bellflower, California, where the editors do an excellent job of artistically presenting an eclectic mix of features on artists' lifestyles, work, and enterprises. Their fashion editor and stylist is a young guy named Jon Phenom, and in PreQuel issue number 5 (available for free online at, Jon articulates how he rolled some of his different passions into the new venture you can find online at What really got my attention, though, is a two-page feature from Mr. Phenom in the same issue, entitled "8 Tips to Starting a Clothing Line."

To me, the pearls of wisdom revealed really apply to just about any new business venture anyone could conceive, and I sincerely recommend that you take a look (page 7), because they're really solid. Mix it together with the tips you can find in this article on branding from Oddpodz by Karen Post entitled "Kool Wordz", fortify your efforts with Behance Magazine's original "10 Realizations For Productivity & Making Ideas Happen," and add a splash of strategic intelligence from Donald A. DePalma via's "Keep Plugging Away With Your International Marketing Campaigns," and you'll soon have your new business up, running, and making serious waves.