Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Innovation Inspiration for everyone...

The going has recently gotten pretty tough for a lot of people, so let's all get going on what's to come next, shall we? We all have some serious business to attend to at the moment, and I'm cautiously optimistic. To me, the world is still a place where individuals and businesses can do good and well simultaneously... I see it happening all around me every day. Fuel for making positive changes is suddenly in great supply. Below I'm sharing a hand-picked set of links to live events, podcasts, feature stories and slide shows providing excellent sources of innovation inspiration, for your further research and follow-through.

WIRED Magazine's Sept. 27 - Oct. 12 NextFest in Chicago: Four Days Left
In an Oct. 2008 Fast Company feature story entitled "Rewiring the Creative Mind" by Gregory Berns, author of the book Iconoclast from Harvard Business Press, we are told that "the surest way to provoke the imagination... is to seek out environments you have no experience with." Since WIRED's fifth annual event showcases the global innovations of the future, it should inspire in spades. If you're reading this after Oct. 12, maybe just pick up the latest issues of WIRED and Fast Company and read them someplace you've never been before.

Boards Summit Keynote Event in New York: Hear Future Forecaster and Game Designer Jane McGonigal
. Boards Summit is the what's-what in commercial production design and creativity -- straight from the top who-are-whos in the business. Be in NYC on Oct. 23 and 24 to rub shoulders with VIP attendees -- and to hear from this technology-leveraging innovator rated as one of the world's best by MIT Technology Review.

Deloitte Insights Podcast: Reshaping the Future: The Risks and Rewards of Innovation in a Changing World
. This podcast focuses on "Shapers" -- individuals among us who have the ability to radically alter perceptions of risk and reward... and conveys how instigating change is a key strategy for survival and success.

Oct. 2008 Harvard Business Review Feature Story: Shaping Strategy in a World of Constant Disruption
. The same three Deloitte LLP Center for Edge Innovation principals behind the above podcast offer a printed road map for winning amid technology's constant changes.

Oct. 8 Industry Week Feature Story: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Innovating
. Innosight's Scott Anthony and Joseph Sinfield, two of the four co-authors of The Innovator's Guide to Growth from Harvard Business School Press, report on the creation of new markets as a catalyst for profits.

Smartbrief on Leadership Innovation Tip to Fast Company Feature Story: How Innovation Led HTC to the Dream, by Kermit Pattison
. John Wang, chief marketing officer and innovation wizard at Taiwan's HTC, the company making Google's first mobile-phone, shares some surprising company secrets in another great Fast Company feature. Several cool slide shows accompany the write-up on the story's sidebar.

Oct. 8 Advertising Age Feature Story and Video: New economy, new tactics
. In this story by Hoag Levins and its accompanying 3 Minute Ad Age Video, Reader's Digest Food and Entertaining Group president Suzanne Grimes details the media giant's new forays into the symposium business.

Blog love: Crossroads Dispatches
. Evelyn Rodriguez describes her blog as "a neo-renaissance, eco-epicurean savors, curates and shares slices from the surf's edge on the inspiration, imagination, the art of living, the living of art - and anything that screams Life." I visited and found many inspiring ideas of interest. Thought you might, too. God speed!